Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.


Preliminary Variance Documents
10-2018 Variance Preliminary Analysis.pdf

Final Variance Documents
V-065-2018 (District 2- 1312 Johnson Ferry Road).pdf
V-034-2018 (District 2- 4300, 2850 Powers Ferry Road and 2950 New Powers Ferry Road.pdf
V-077-2018 (District 3- 2528 Kingswood Drive).pdf
Titlepage and agenda.pdf
V-88-2018 (District 3-4750 Shallow Ridge Road).pdf
V-89-2018 (District 3- 476 Taylor Drive) .pdf
V-90-2018 (District 4-3025 Old Villa Rica Road).pdf
V-91-2018 (District 3-3590 Fricks Road).pdf
V-92-2018 (District 1-1874 Harmony Road).pdf
V-93-2018 (Withdrawn).pdf
V-94-2018 (District 4-4086 Brookwood Drive).pdf
V-95-2018 (District 2-4620 Ponte Vedra Drive).pdf
V-96-2018 (District 2-1365 Powers Ferry Road).pdf
V-97-2018 (District 4-5537 Macland Road).pdf
V-98-2018 (District -3063 Davis Road).pdf
10-10-18 BZA consent and summary agenda.pdf

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