Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.

******* ALL DOCUMENTS FOR FEBRUARY 2017 *******

Preliminary Zoning Analysis Documents
02-2017 Preliminary Zoning Analysis.pdf

Final Zoning Analysis Documents
Z-007-2017-(District 3-Barrett Parkway).pdf
Z-116-2016-(District 2-Johnson Ferry Road-Bishop Lake Road).pdf
Z-002-2017-(District 4-County Services Parkway).pdf
SLUP-001-2017-(District4-Powder Springs Road).pdf
Z-006-2017-(District 4-Pat Mell Road).pdf
Z-117-2016-(District 4-Hurt Road).pdf
Z-111-2016 -(District 3-Shallowford Road).pdf
Z-086-2016-(District 1-Stilesboro Road).pdf
LUP-001-2017 -(District 3-Hawkins Store Road).pdf
Z-112-2016-(District 3-Blackwell Road).pdf
LUP-033-2016-(District 3- 1398 Shiloh Trail East).pdf
Z-082-2016-(District 1-Acworth Dallas Road).pdf
Z-113-2016-(District 4-Hillcrest Drive-Ridgefield Drive).pdf
02-07-17 PC consent and summary agenda.pdf
Z-115-2016-(District 2-Cooper Lake Rd&Daniel St).pdf
LUP-002-2017-(District1-Stilesboro Road).pdf
LUP-029-2016-(District 3-3824 Creekwood Crossing).pdf
LUP-030-2016-(District 3- 1318 Shiloh Trail East).pdf
02-21-17 BOC consent and summary agenda.pdf
Z-004-2017-(District 4-Powder Springs Road).pdf
Z-119-2016 Dist 4(Pat Mell Rd-Lorene Dr).pdf
OSC 17-01-2017-(District 1-John Ward Road).pdf
Z-068-2016-(District 3-Shallowford Road -Johnson Ferry Road).pdf
LUP-031-2016-(District 3- 1323 Shiloh Trail East).pdf
Z-097-2016-(District 3-Roswell Road).pdf
Z-001-2017-(District 4-Oglesby Road).pdf
Z-003-2017-(District 3-Atlanta Road).pdf
LUP-032-2016-(District 3- 1322 Shiloh Trail East).pdf
Z-005-2017-(District 2-Heathermoor Hill Drive).pdf
Z-101-2016-(District 1-Burnt Hickory Road).pdf
Z-008-2017-(District 2-Old Canton Roadd&Roswell Road).pdf
Z-114-2016-(District 1-Dallas Highway).pdf
Z-093-2016-(District 2-Cumberland Parkway).pdf
Z-035-2016-(District 3-Ebenezer Road).pdf
OSC 17-02 -2017-(District1-Mount Calvary Road).pdf

Preliminary Other Business Documents
OB-002-2017 (District 4- Tramore Pointe Parkway).pdf
OB-001-2017 (District 4- 2711 Mathews Street).pdf
OB-003-2017 (District 4- Anderson Mill Road).pdf
OB-005-2017 (District 3- 2550 Sandy Plains Road).pdf
OB-004-2017 (District 4- 1391 Veterans Memorial Highway).pdf

Final Other Business Documents
No files in this section at this time

******* END OF DOCUMENT LIST *******