Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.


Preliminary Variance Documents
11-2016 Variance Preliminary Analysis.pdf

Final Variance Documents
V-147-2016(District 3-2101 November Ct).pdf
V-148-2016(District 3-2309 October Ct).pdf
V-149-2016(District 3-2107 November Ct).pdf
V-150-2016(District 1-1910 Callaway Ridge Drive).pdf
V-151-2016(District 4-2480 Old Villa Rica Rd).pdf
V-152-2016(District 3-2103 November Glen Drive).pdf
V-153-2016(District 3-2103 November Ct).pdf
V-154-2016(District 3-2112 November Glen Drive).pdf
V-155-2016(District 3-1961 Morning Lane).pdf
V-156-2016(District 3-2104 November Ct).pdf
V-157-2016(District 3-1956 Morning Lane).pdf
V-158-2016(District 3-2116 November Glen).pdf
V-159-2016(District 4-1960 Evergreen Dr).pdf
V-160-2016(District 3-4344 Halifax Terrace).pdf
V-161-2016(District 3-4803 Morning Chase).pdf
V-162-2016(District 3-2206 Morning Ct).pdf
V-163-2016(District 3-2160 Carlysle Croft Ct).pdf
V-164-2016(District 4-1765 Darwin Rd).pdf
V-165-2016(District 2-3700 Overton Park Dr).pdf

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