Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.

******* ALL DOCUMENTS FOR AUGUST 2016 *******

Preliminary Zoning Analysis Documents

Final Zoning Analysis Documents
Z-069-2016 Dist 3(Canton Rd-Blackwell Ln).pdf
Z-035-2016(District 3- Ebenezer Road).pdf
Z-040-2016(District 4- Veterans Memorial Highway).pdf
LUP-015-2016(District 1-Middleton Place).pdf
Z-068-2016 Dist 3(Shallowford Rd-JohnsonFerryRd-Waterfront).pdf
Z-064-2016 Dist 3(Shiloh Rd).pdf
Z-058-2016(District 4-White Blvd & Floyd Rd).pdf
Z-067-2016 Dist 2(Beech Haven Trl-Winchester Trl).pdf
Z-059-2016(District 4-Macland Rd) WITHDRAWN.pdf
SLUP-010-2016(District 4-VetMemHwy-HickoryTrl).pdf
Z-071-2016 Dist 4(Vet Mem Hy-HickoryTrl-QueenMillRd).pdf
Z-065-2016 Dist 2(Herodian Way).pdf
08-16-16 BOC consent and summary agenda.pdf
Z-061-2016 Dist 4(Austell Rd-Arkose Dr).pdf
Z-070-2016 Dist 3(Mitchell Rd-Casteel Rd).pdf
Z-063-2016 Dist 2(Johnson Ferry Rd-Lake Rill Ct).pdf
SLUP-009-2016(District 2-Beech Haven Trl-Winchester Trl).pdf
LUP-014-2016(District 2-Virginia Pl-SMarietta Pky).pdf
Z-066-2016 Dist 2(WAtlantaRd-WVillageWay).pdf
LUP-013-2016(District 2-Virginia Pl-Powers Ferry Rd).pdf
Z-018-2016(District 2- Cumberland Blvd).pdf
Z-062-2016 Dist 4(Milford Church Rd).pdf
Z-047-2016 (Dist 1-Old Dallas Rd).pdf
LUP-011-2016(District 4-Vanessa Dr & Cline Dr).pdf
Z-049-2016 (Dist 4-Austell & Callaway Rds).pdf
08-02-16 PC hearing consent and summary agenda.pdf

Preliminary Other Business Documents
OB-044-2016(District 3- Johnson Ferry Road).pdf
OB-045-2016(District 1- West Sandtown Road).pdf
OB-046-2016(District 2- Atlanta Road).pdf
OB-049-2016(District 3- Canton Road).pdf
OB-048-2016(District 2- Paces Mill Road and U.S. Highway 41).pdf
OB-043-2016(District 1- Thayer Drive).pdf
OB-041-2016(District 1- Lochstone Drive).pdf
OB-042-2016(District 4- Maxham Road).pdf
OB-047-2016(District 2- Cresent Parkway).pdf

Final Other Business Documents
OB-047-2016(District 2- Crescent Parkway).pdf
OB-048-2016(District 2- Paces Mill Road).pdf
OB-045-2016(District 1- West Sandtown Road).pdf
OB-044-2016(District 3- Johnson Ferry Road).pdf
OB-046-2016(District 2-Cooper Lake Road).pdf
OB-043-2016(District 1- Thayer Drive).pdf
OB-049-2016(District 3- Canton Road).pdf
OB agenda for 08-2016.pdf
OB-041-2016(District 1- Lochstone Drive).pdf
OB-042-2016(District 4- Maxham Road).pdf

******* END OF DOCUMENT LIST *******