Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.


Preliminary Variance Documents
BZA OB-001-2016(District 2- 1963 Wellington Lane).pdf

Final Variance Documents
V-035-2016(District 2- Cooper Lake Road).pdf
V-033-2016(District 2- Palisades Court).pdf
V-034-2016(District 4- First Street).pdf
V-038-2016(District 2- Cooper Lake Road).pdf
V-036-2016(District 4- Austell Road).pdf
V-041-2016(District 3- Sandy Plains Road).pdf
BZA OB-001-2016(District 2- 1963 Wellington Lane).pdf
V-032-2016(District 4- Austell Road).pdf
V-031-2016(District 3- Sandy Plains Road).pdf
V-140-2015(District 2- Windy Hill Road).pdf
V-043-2016(District 1- Burke Lake Road).pdf
V-044-2016(District 2- Cooper Lake Drive).pdf
V-040-2016(District 4- Mableton Parkway).pdf
V-030-2016(District 3- Pine Mill Drive).pdf
V-042-2016(District 4- Six Flags Drive).pdf
V-037-2016(District 1- Dallas Highway).pdf
BZA 03-09-16 consent and summary agenda.pdf
V-082-2015(District 4- Francis Circle).pdf
V-039-2016(District 1- Kinghorn Drive).pdf

******* END OF DOCUMENT LIST *******