Online Zoning Analysis
Zoning analysis information is provided in PDF format. Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files may take several minutes to download and display.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. Any questions regarding these applications should be directed to the Zoning Division at (770) 528-2004.

******* ALL DOCUMENTS FOR MAY 2015 *******

Preliminary Zoning Analysis Documents

Final Zoning Analysis Documents
LUP-010-2015 (District 4- Gray Road).pdf
LUP-011-2015 (District 4- LaFayette Drive).pdf
LUP-012-2015 (District 3- Piedmont Road).pdf
LUP-013-2015 (District 1- Macland Road).pdf
LUP-014-2015 (District 4- Sammy Drive).pdf
LUP-015-2015 (District 1- Pickens Road).pdf
Z-017-2015 (District 3- Childers Road).pdf
Z-020-2015 (District 3- Chastain Meadows Parkway).pdf
Z-027-2015 (District 2- Powers Ferry Road).pdf
Z-028-2015 (District 4- Maxham Road).pdf
Z-029-2015 (District 1- Bob Cox Road).pdf
Z-033-2015 (District 3- Canton Road).pdf
Z-034-2015 (District 1- Ernest Barrett Parkway) .pdf
Z-035-2015 (District 1- Old Stilesboro Road).pdf
Z-036-2015 (District 4- Hurt Road).pdf
Z-040-2015 (District 3- Frey Road).pdf
Z-041-2015 (District 2- Cobb Parkway).pdf
Z-042-2015 (District 1- Dallas Highway).pdf
Z-043-2015 (District 4- Austell Road).pdf
Z-044-2014 (District 1- Dallas Highway).pdf
Z-045-2015 (District 4- Austell Road).pdf
Z-046-2015 (District 3- Big Shanty Road).pdf
Z-047-2015 (District 4- South Cobb Drive).pdf
Z-048-2015 (District 1- Greers Chapel Road).pdf
Z-086-2014 (District 4-Old Alabama Road).pdf

Preliminary Other Business Documents
OB-024-2015 (District 4- Macland Road).pdf

Final Other Business Documents
OB-024-2015(District 4-Macland Road) .pdf
Other business agenda.pdf

******* END OF DOCUMENT LIST *******